We are located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Syner Sports have a world-class manufacturing facility, where we have modern types of machinery, skilled workers, quality assurance system in place.

We have a team of highly professional management and technical staff with a standardized working system. We are in a continuous process of expansion, enhancement, and incorporating the latest technological innovations in order to ensure our customers the best possible quality in gloves.

The Gloves Business was established by the CEO in 2010. The company has a big progress during this period and is well known as a reputed company in the International Market.

Our unchallenged variety of products makes us superior to our competitors. Utmost care is taken to maintain Quality standards across all stages of production. This is made possible due to our state-of-the-art production facility, where we have the capacity to produce the right product, in the right volume at the right price.

C.E.O Message
Quality and timely deliveries remain the veritable hallmark of the success of Syner Sports worldwide. Everything Syner Sports has achieved and continues to build today is derived from its commitment to quality and its endeavor to bring all processes of production integrated under its domain. We don’t have one single strategy to compete against so many and so diverse rivals, but I would suggest that most of our strategies boil down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence: We always strive harder to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Our commitment to service, and quality, our leadership of the markets in which we participate, and the results: the satisfaction of our customers, our success, and our growth.

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